“Making miracles: the art of spiritual breathing”

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“We are play with three convergences, leading that lead to breath mastery… bringing together consciousness and breath… cosciousness and relaxation, then final convergence: conscious breathing and conscious relaxation…

We learn the dance of doing the breathing and being breathed…We learn to open and soften so that spirit of Life can penetrate us. And we learn to move our breath in order to moves energy.
In Estonian people will learn that what we get from breathwork depends on what we put into it! on how much they’re willing to put in.

And we will use breathwork to awaken balance to harmonize body intelligence, heart intelligence and the head intelligence. We will develop more resilience And we will learn how to interrupt and transform negative or limiting thoughts, emotions and behavioral patterns,” says Dan Brulé.

Exercises, techniques and meditations of conscious breathing can be used to lift your energy levels, to focus, relax and eliminate stress and anxiety.

Breathing releases toxins from your body-mind system. It’s the key, that awakens your power of healing and creative energy. If you learn this foundational knowledge you will hold the secret code for understanding all ancient traditions and methods of breathing.

This 6-day course is meant for everyone, who wants deeper knowledge and experiences of conscious breathing.

What makes this course special is that the breathing techniques taught and practiced here are designed to accommodate the global changes of the new age.

Conscious breathing is a modern tool for transformation. I believe that the planet has a breathing angel, because we are at the center of a huge shift. There are global changes taking place. Things are speeding up, becoming more intense. Me are at the evolutionary edge of consciousness and human potential. If we approach this shift, things will get very intense, and breathing is a great tool to help us handle that intensity.

– Dan Brulé

This course isn’t meant only for professional use but for all individuals and companies that invest into personal healing, growth and transformation. The One Sky International Life Skills and Healing Arts Institute course will create a deep and permanent change in your life. Previous experience with mindful breathing is not necessary.

We welcome yoga students and teachers, doctors, leaders, entrepreneurs, creative leaders, marketing leaders, trainers, singers, athletes, psychologists, and other therapists and practitioners.

About Dan Brulé...

There are many experts of mindful breathing, but only a few have experience like Dan does.

Over the past 40 years Dan has travelled 55 countries, training over 125 000 people. His art of mastering mindful breathing comes from his inexhaustible energy and presence. He can shorten your study card while widening and deepening your practice. His knowledge and skills have made him appealing to clients of the highest caliber and partners like Tony Robbins, Aleksander Karelin, Stig Severinsen, Stan Grof, Leonard Orr, Wim Hof, Greg Amundson, elite athletes and business owners around the world.

Dan started his work in 1970 in the US while he was a medical deep-sea diver. Since that time he’s traveled through India, Chinga and the western countries learning about the art of healing, meditation, Zen Buddhism, breathing therapy, Kriya yoga, Kundalini yoga, Prana yoga and Qigong (China’s medicinal breathing exercises).

Ticket sales begins on the 18th of March at 9:00am.

NB! Those who pre-register will have a guaranteed chance to buy a ticket.
Register here:

NB! The ticket price does not include catering, but during the breaks there will be a table filled with light snacks and tea.

If someone who’s paid the reservation fee decides not to attend, then the reservation fee will not be refunded but used to cover organizational costs. If the course is cancelled due to the organizers, the reservation fee will be refunded.

NB! The ticket fee will have to be paid fully by the 22nd of July.
You can also register to Dan Brulé’s private sessions for the 28th of July (3 available spots left). A 1,5h appointment costs 325 €.

ATTENTION! The course is international and there is a limit to the number of participants.

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