BREATH MASTERY Skills Training with Dan Brulé

Unlocking the Energy in the Breath Raising and Expanding Consciousness.

July 21-25, 2024
Marta Lovise Guesthouse in Saaremaa, Estonia

This 5-day course is intended for all practitioners of breathwork, yoga teachers, doctors, therapists who wish to deepen their knowledge and experience of conscious breathing.

This training is not only intended for professionals but also for individuals in their personal lives who prioritize personal healing, growth, and transformation. This training helps create profound and lasting change in your life.

Previous experience with breathwork is not required.

This 5-day course is not for those who want to take baby steps. It is a deep dive into transformation. It is guaranteed that you won't leave as the same person.

Course location: Estonia And It's Biggest Island Saaremaa

The course will take place in one of the most beautiful and visited places in Estonia – Saaremaa.

In Estonian, Saaremaa means “island land” — a fitting name for the largest island in Estonia and the fourth largest in the Baltic Sea. It is a destination for travelers longing for peace and tranquility, for time to sit back, listen to the waves lap the shore, and breathe in the deep scent of juniper.

European Capital of Culture 2024 – Tartu

If you would like to spend more time in Estonia, definitely visit Tartu, as it is the cultural capital of Europe in 2024. Tartu is located in the southeastern part of Estonia’s mainland. There are many cultural events taking place in Tartu in July and August, including the Tartu Singing Festival, various concerts with international artists, and Cafe Day, where many local households will open their doors to visitors to offer homemade cuisine.

Join us in this beautiful coutry of Estonia to overcome old habits and patterns that hold you back from living your dream life. Master your breathwork for a life you want to live.

Your Mentor on This 5-Day Journey

There are many breathwork experts in the world, but very few have the experience that Dan has. He is a global leader in spiritual breathing.

Traveling to 67 countries over the past 40 years, he has trained more than 250,000 people. Dan’s knowledge and skills have attracted high-profile clients and partners such as Tony Robbins, Aleksander Karelin, Stig Severinsen, Stan Grof, Leonard Orr, Wim Hof, Greg Amundson, as well as elite athletes and business owners worldwide.

Dan’s mastery of the art of conscious breathing lies in his boundless energy and presence. He can shorten your learning curve, expanding and deepening your practice.

Dan began his work in 1970 in the U.S. Navy as a deep-sea diver and medical rescue specialist. Since then, he has traveled through India, China, and Western countries, studying the arts of healing, meditation, Zen Buddhism, breath therapy, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Prana Yoga, and Qigong (Chinese medical breathing exercises).

A Healthier, Happier & Longer Life; More Energy, Focus, Creativity & Productivity; Altered States Of Consciousness, Mystical Experiences & Profound States Of Relaxation & Bliss — It’s All Yours!

Course Programm And Activities

Breath Mastery training July 21-25.
10.00 am – 5.00 pm Thery and Practice

SATURDAY, July 20th

Gathering at Marta Lovise Guesthouse in Saaremaa

SUNDAY, July 21st

  • Introduction, goals, and intentions
  • The eight paths of breath mastery.
  • What is your path?
  • Awareness of breathing and breath mastery (meditation series)
  • Basic series: (8 exercises)
  • Connected breathing: basic principles
  • Aspects of transformation through breath mastery

MONDAY, July 22nd

  • Relaxation, beliefs, and breath mastery part 1
  • The formula of transformation and the three cornerstones of breath mastery
  • The art of opening and expanding, relaxing, and letting go
  • Yawning, sighs of relief, and breath retention
  • Four breathing modes
  • Introduction to rebirthing breathwork
  • Morning and evening protocols for conscious breathing

TUESDAY, July 23rd

  • Descending into the center of silence.
  • Relaxation and breathing part 2
  • Combined yawning and circular breathing.
  • Yawning and sighs of relief
  • Combined relaxation and power breathing
  • Relaxation through intensity: the most important skill today
  • Brulé-Baskakov deepened awareness and relaxation process

WEDNESDAY, July 24th

  • Heart intelligence and psycho-emotional healing through breathing
  • Working with trauma, negative emotions, birth and childhood patterns
  • Resetting the body-mind system. Balancing the nervous system
  • The art of spiritual breathing. Totality and presence

THURSDAY, July 25th

  • Heart connection
  • Breathing for creativity: playing with breath
  • Light and joyful conclusion of our program

Join us at Saaremaa to start your deep transformation journey.

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BREATH MASTERY Course (Pay in Full)

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  • Tea breaks, learning materials
  • Participants who complete the course will receive a certificate from the Conscious Breathing Institute
  • BONUS: Participants will receive an audio recording of the course as a gift (worth €120)
  • On-site catering (vegetarian)
  • On-site accommodation in a double room for 5 nights

BREATH MASTERY Course (Payment plan)

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  • Pay reservation fee 400€ now and the rest next month!
  • Tea breaks, learning materials
  • Participants who complete the course will receive a certificate from the Conscious Breathing Institute
  • BONUS: Participants will receive an audio recording of the course as a gift (worth €120)
  • On-site catering (vegetarian)
  • On-site accommodation in a double room for 5 nights